What the designer should know?

A designer is such a profession that needs to keep in mind a lot of special knowledge. Not every creator can always remember everything, so we decided to prepare a small dictionary for you. Usability How effective and satisfactory the user can interact with the user interface. Usability Benchmarking It measures the current usability of the system and provides a baseline that can be guided in the future. Usability Lab Space that is intended for usability tests, observing the interaction of the user with the system and recording their activity. Additional observers can be present or watch with a two-way mirror or streaming video in another room. User Flow The flow of use is the steps the user performs to complete the task. The “Top Path” is the most commonly used stream. User Research User surveys that are aimed at understanding their needs, behavior, and motivation through observation methods, task analysis, and many other methods.  

Toilet paper “Trump”: from Mexico with love

A businessman from Mexico is the most recognizable among all other “Trump lovers” and came up with … branded toilet paper “Trump”, which is sold under the slogan “Softness without Borders.” That’s logo looks like: Do you know what is the most ridiculous in this situation? The Mexican authorities guaranteed Donald Trump’s company the right to use his name in a lot of things and places. But the company itself did not think about registering for itself the copyright to use the brand “Trump” for “toilet paper”. As a result, the corporate lawyer Antonio Battaglia received the full right and held a presentation of the Trump brand. His products will be on sale at the end of this year, and 30% of the profits will be transferred to programs to support migrants.

A logo for all the times

Creating a truly unique and interesting logo is sometimes quite difficult. Not even sometimes, but always difficult. A lot of ideas have already been embedded in life. Therefore, a large number of companies ask for help not only to professional designers but to crowdsource platforms. Designers working on such sites have the advantage because there is a lot of them and the likelihood that somebody will have some fresh idea – quite high. But still, sometimes even one designer can create something eternal and unchanging for years. Coca-Cola logo It is hard to come up with a logo of a big brand, which is unlikely to be redesigned. Surveys consistently show that it is recognized by more than 90 percent of people around the world. One of the main reasons for the success of the Coca-Cola logo is its simplicity. The original logotype of 1886 from accountant Frank Robinson, who, with calligraphy, wrote the words Coca-Cola in beautiful red letters, so close to the current design that a traveler in time from the Victorian era can easily recognize him today. A simple lesson is that instead of constantly updating and redefining the logo. And most brands feel that they are obliged to do so. You can simply adhere to what people already know.   The more you hear a pop song, the more it falls into your brain, as well as with the logos. And this design convincingly proves that for success it is not necessary to pursue trends in design. The main assignment of the brand: The most interesting and most refreshing drink. How the logo enhances it: the Coca-Cola historical scenario gives you a sense of longevity and reliability, and its bright red color adds a sense of youth, brightness and excitement.

The best commercials of 2017, that will impress you for sure

The best commercials of 2017, that will impress you for sure How many commercials, that caught your attention have you ever seen? One? Three? Every year companies impress the audience with their advertisements, so we decided to prepare for you a list of commercials of 2017, that will impress you for sure. H&M H&M is a company, that is recognizable all over the world. Their commercial of The Fall Collection is watched more than 12 million times for this moment and this number is growing up every day. Maybe it’s because Naomi Campbell is starring there, but maybe the idea of a video is simple and understandable for everyone. What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRzApWZgeCs Kia Everyone knows that Kia Soul has a second name – Hamster. So the company decided to create a funny commercial with a hamster, that was dedicated to the introducing of the new Kia Soul Turbo. More than 3 million people have already watched this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqDb_5hs0v8 Dior AND YOU, WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR LOVE? More than 45 million people know this phrase and can recognize that it’s from the Dior commercial where Natalie Portman was starring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4s0llOpKrU Levi’s Such cute commercial with a lot of dances and happy people just could not to catch our attention. Dance is that, what unites people, and guys from Levi’s know it (more than 23 million views). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgcgFP9nGqY Samsung An awesome and one of the most interesting commercials is created by Samsung. The video was uploaded only two weeks ago, but more than 18 million people have already watched it. That’s because a competition of Apple and Samsung is a main idea of the video. Haven’t seen yet? Don’t waste your time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R59TevgzN3k Heineken Guys from Heineken created something more than a commercial. A half a year ago

Instagram adventure

How many creative accounts on the Instagram you know? This social media is one of the most popular nowadays, so that’s not a surprise that more and more people try to impress their subscribers with exciting photos. But there’s a problem. Most of the ideas are the similar, because not every photographer is able or has a wish to think about something fresh and brand new. Marti Gutfreund is a creative blogger from Canada, who is widely known not because of her own account on Instagram, but because of her cat’s trips. Suki The Cat is quite a popular travel blogger, you know? She has already visited a lot of National Parks and other beautiful places in company with her human. The photos that they take during their trip are so marvelous that it’s impossible not to subscribe their profiles to see more!