To my clients...

Each and every one of you is extremely important to me. My objective with every project is to create a customized site for you while making your experience positive and simple. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you feel I am not meeting this objective.

Some projects take longer than others. The time between our first consultation and your site going live on the internet depends on many variables. Most are within our control!

Since my designs are original and tailored individually to your needs, the design process time can fluctuate per project. However, once we have chosen a final design, the site launch can be expedited by having content prepared for me to add to the site. Some clients are so prepared that they have it available to me at our first meeting. Others can take months to collect all the information they want on their site.

Fortunately, web sites are dynamic and can always be updated. Just having basic information on your site is fine in the beginning!

I am very grateful for my clients and have enjoyed working with all of you! You have each taught me something new about my craft!

More to come...



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